Seminar Pushkin Museum on paper restoration, april 17-18 2014

Seminar Pushkin Museum on paper restoration, april 17-18 2014

Tue, 2014-02-04

In 2010, The Foundation for Cultural Inventory (SCI) released the catalogue Netherlandish, Flemish and Dutch Drawings of the XVI-XVIII Centuries, Belgian and Dutch Drawings of the XIX-XX Centuries” in collaboration with the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The presentation of the catalogue was accompanied by the exhibition ‘Treasures from Moscow. Dutch Drawings from the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts” in the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht in 2011.


Latest techniques
During preparations for the exhibition, it became clear that one important gouache on parchment of Hans Bol was not fit for travel due to being in a bad condition. Further research showed many more problems with the Dutch drawings and engravings. As is known, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has the most complete collection of Rembrandt etchings. For the management and conservation of these types of unique collections, it is of great importance that the restorers are aware of the latest techniques and are able to apply them.

Discussions with the restorers of the Pushkin Museum revealed that several other museums and museum estates in the Moscow region struggle with the same problems. Some collections contain up to ten thousand pieces of art, of which a large share is of Dutch origin, and they need further training to be able to preserve and maintain the collection.


Much interest

After some inquiries for interest in such a project, it became clear that several museums of the Moscow region showed a great deal of interest.


We asked paper restorer Marina Frolova of the Pushkin Museum to inquire after the museums in the Moscow region whether it makes sense to organize a one or two day seminar for colleagues in the Moscow region.

This survey yielded positive responses from ten museums who would like to participate.


The seminar takes place at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The number of participants is limited to 15 people (qualified paper restorers) from the museums and institutions that responded. Given the great interest, also on the part of the curators of collections, there will be a general introduction to the program in the auditorium of the museum. This lecture is open to a wider audience (200 people).

Birgit Reissland, paper conservator at the Cultural Heritage Agency,  will be responsible for the content of the seminar. She will compile the program in consultation with Marina Frolova, paper conservator for the Pushkin Museum on the basis of specific problems.

In collaboration with Marina Frolova, SCI maintains contacts with its colleagues of the museums in the Moscow region.


The seminar focuses primarily on the practice of management and preservation of collections.